2016 TIANMA GLOBAL SUPPLIER CONFERENCE was held at Xiamen on March 10, 2016
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2016 TIANMA GLOBAL SUPPLIER CONFERENCE was held at Xiamen on March 10, 2016, this conference brought more than 400 industries’ elites around the world together to draw a new blueprint for display industry.

TIANMA focus on smart phones, tablet PCs, wearable electronics, etc. end consumer display products and automotive, medical, industrial, aviation, smart home, etc. professional display market. HONFlex won the ‘Excellent Supplier’ award once again during this conference after 2015 TIANMA ‘Excellent Supplier’ award, stood out among numerous TIANMA FPC suppliers.

Grinding sword decades! HONFlex has developed into a core partner of numerous well-known brands at home and abroad through a comprehensive production line layout, his leading technology and excellent quality. HONFlex’s innovation and excellent quality were manifest from the ‘Excellent Supplier’ award.

The future world belongs to display. HONFlex will always adhere to quality and brand strategy development guideline, and will be committed to improving technology development and innovation of display FPC, keep abreast with time and customers, exceed expectations through consistently providing good service to our customers, and work hard to make contribution for our community and Chinese display industry.  





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